Purpose of this App

  • We designed this App so you can see EXACTLY how any of our fantastic Pool Slides are going to look and fit into your pool area.

  • It takes away the ‘Guess work’ trying to understand drawings of footprints to figure out whether a slide will fit into your site.

  • Take screenshots of any slide scenario, save it to your device and share with family & friends for their feedback.

How to Use the App


Stand where you might like to position a slide.


Select your slide from the menu. A blank screen will come up.


Point camera at the ground until this grid appears on screen


Tap the screen. Your selected slide comes into the screen


Step back from the spot you ‘tagged’.


As you move back slide starts to fit into the screen of your device.


When the 2 buttons in the top right corner of screen are green you can manoeuvre the slide.


Click on them and they turn White. Slide is now locked into position.


Move about to take a photo from any position. When in position click the camera icon to take a screenshot. This is stored on your device.


This App is intended to be used as a guide only and we recommend that you check the area required for each slide (see “Area Required” at bottom right ofscreen for each slide).Colours of slides may vary throughout this App. Refer to “Slide Colours” for the most accurate guide.